The Witch


Here is another poem,

The wind howled loud and clear,

Oblivious to the children’s cheer,

The lightning flashed bold and bright,

Out came the witch foaming with spite,

The waves hissed and spat,

The witch fell on her face with a splat,

The cloud laughed, booming away,

But the witch decided to stay,


Bold and brave was this witch,

She handled the storm without a hitch,

Gone was it,

With poison spit,


To never return again,





I really like writing. Here is a poem about my sister Clover. Can you guess what she’s doing?

It inches closer and closer,

But not close enough,

Bedtime is imminent,

Yet reading time is not,

Life goes by fast,

Just not this time,

The tapping of the foot,

The held in sigh,

One more to go,

Yet an hour more to wait,

Aimless conversation,

Starts to detour it from it’s path,



Back on track once again,

Death by boredom inches closer and closer,

But heaven is not yet close enough.


Hope you enjoyed it. It’s about her eating vegetables.

Tee hee.


Ivy 🎈


Top Ten Songs


Here are my favourite songs of this week:

  1. Alarm –  Anne – Marie
  2. Circle – Machineheart
  3. Colours – Hasley
  4. Just Like Fire – Pink
  5. Paper Thin – Astrid S
  6. We Broke The Sky – Alexa Goddard
  7. Ugly Heart – GRL
  8. Secret Love Song – Little Mix
  9. Lush Life – Zara Larsson
  10. Glowing In The Dark – The Girl And The Dreamcatcher

I LOVE singing. I take lesson every Saturday and enjoy them a lot. I need some more songs to sing and I am running out of songs:( Can you please tell me some of your fav songs. Anyway maybe you can listen to my songs that I like and tell me your favourite out of them.